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Damaged Flash Media Recovery | 3rd Eye

Damaged Flash Media Recovery


This is a universal platform for chip-off data recovery and forensics analysis of any kind of flash devices.

Works with:

  • flash drives
  • memory cards
  • smartphone and tablets
  • GPS navigation systems
  • multimedia devices
  • voice recorders
  • other non-standard and monolithic devices


This is the essential VNR kit which contains VNR software, VNR Reader, and the most widely used adapters.



  • TSOP48 ZIF adapter
  • TLGA52 ZIF adapter
  • TSOP56 adapter
  • BGA100 adapter
  • BGA152 adapter
  • BGA154 adapter
  • BGA224 adapter
  • Monolith adapter

USB Flash Disk

  • VNR Software
  • Drivers
  • Database
  • Resources


Set of high quality adapters for most popular types of NAND chips.


  • BGA 169eMMC 14x18 adapter
  • BGA 169eMMC 12x18 adapter
  • BGA 169eMMC 12x16 adapter
  • BGA 169eMMC 11.5x13 adapter
  • BGA 169eMMC 10x11 adapter
  • BGA 162 eMMC
  • BGA 186 eMMC
  • BGA 221 eMMC

VNR Standard Kit

  • BGA 152 adapter
  • BGA 132 adapter
  • BGA 100 adapter
  • BGA 107 adapter
  • LGA 60 adapter


The built-in database of NAND chips and controller configurations provides a solution for most chips known to date. The trusted database is regularly updated by VNR developers and technological partners. The user database can be used to store your configs and solutions.

Powerful and flexible software for data recovery and digital forensics.

Software Outstanding Features

  • Integrated Online Solution Base
  • XOR key synthesis tools powered by Artifiial Intelligence
  • Digital forensics analysis of vehicle computers, IoT, and network devices
  • Comprehensive software for logical image reconstruction
  • Largest database of non-standard and monolithic devices
  • Visual analysis approach
  • Built-in Advance SQLite carving engine
  • Built-in JPEG carving engine with file integrity control
  • JPEG and office files carver with validity control
  • Android data extractor
  • Advanced algorithms for error correction in NAND chips
  • Intelligent FIle assembler recovers FRAGMENTED pictures, videos and office files from bits and pices gathered from full device space

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