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Damaged Hard Disk Forensics

PC-3000 Express System (Ace Lab)

The PC-3000 Systems are internationally recognized as the most cutting-edge solution for recovering data from damaged storage devices.

Throughout its existence, ACE Lab hardware-software tools have earned a special place in cyber crime investigations. When digital evidence is required, it’s often impossible to access the data on different types of drives. The data can be intentionally deleted, password-protected, physically or logically damaged, etc. In all such cases, ACE Lab products are ideally suited for the purposes of digital forensic experts in their daily work.

ACE Lab PC-3000


  • Recovering digital evidence from both healthy and physically/logically damaged drives of all types
  • The opportunity to protect the drives’ data integrity from OS influence due to the connection through the PC-3000 board
  • Full, partial or temporary restoration of damaged data storage devices operability
  • Bypassing drive password protection
  • Getting access to the Service Area to obtain the digital evidence that can be hid-den there

Type of supported storage devices:

  • Different types of RAID configurations
  • USB Flash & SD/MicroSD Cards