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Oxygen Forensic- Detective Enterprise | All in One Digital Forensic Tool

Oxygen Forensics


-- Finds passwords to encrypted device backups and images

-- Bypasses screen lock on popular Android OS devices

-- Acquires data from cloud services, storages, IoT devices, Drones and smartwatches

-- Collects user data on Windows, MacOS and Linux PCs

-- Supports import and analysis of call data records

-- Offers Optical Character, Facial and Image recognition

-- Provides social links analysis and Timeline view

Oxygen Forensic Detective

Detective users benefit from:

  • Strong Support for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian and other OS counting more than 39600 devices
  • Complete logical and physical data extraction with entire file system to get the full image of the device under examination
  • State-of Art and really easy-to-use interface to extract and analyze data from several mobile devices simulteneously
  • Chipset based extractions - Qualcomm, MTK, Spreadtrum, Kirin, Exynos.
  • Timeline to reveal suspect's or victim's way of life with locations and communications before, during and after an incident
  • Social graph to quickly find evidence and reveal all social connections netween multiple devices in just few clicks
  • Parsing data from 600+ unique applications to analyze communications, shared files and deleted records
  • The most effective algorithm to recover deleted records from SQLite databases for contacts, messages, calls and various apps
  • User passwords to examine messengers, social networks, saved maps, cloud stores, mailboxes and other services
  • Extensive search to reveal phone numbers, e-mails, geo coordinates, credit card numbers, hash values, IP or MAC addresses
  • Geo-Location data extraction from all possible sources to deteremine what happened, when and even where


-- This is a server-based solution. One computer, running the Oxygen Forensic® Detective Enterprise software with a single USB Enterprise dongle manages all the connections. You can choose how many concurrent connections you need. Oxygen Forensic® Detective Enterprise is distributed in 5, 10, 20 and 50 concurrent connections. The software counts only workstations using Oxygen Forensic® Detective concurrently; not every PC where it is installed.

-- Oxygen Forensic® Detective Enterprise allows both local and Internet connections. You are not limited to only using Oxygen Forensic® Detective in a lab. You can smoothly connect to the Enterprise server from any part of the world.

-- With Oxygen Forensic® Detective Enterprise the administrator or expert can create a regular dongle, checking out a license for a set number of days, and you can take the dongle to places that might not have access to the remote license server, for example, in the field.

Oxygen Forensic Detective Enterprise

Enterprise users benefit from:

  • EASY MANAGEMENT. Now, USB dongles are no more needed on every computer — one USB dongle manages all the connections. All workstations use a single USB dongle plugged-in to the server, which can be any desktop PC or even laptop running Windows OS with a free USB port.
  • BORROW LICENSE. The Enterprise server allows you to borrow a license to work offline. You can take one connection from the server and use it in field as an offline license issued for a limited period of time. On return to the lab, just release the borrowed license back to the server.
  • SEAMLESS CONNECTIVITY. The server supports both local and remote connection options. With our new Enterprise license, you are free to use Oxygen Forensic® Detective not only in your lab within the local network but also remotely from any part of the world.
  • EFFICIENT ADMINISTRATION. The server administrator has a right to close the connection if it is idle and not being used anymore. If one of your colleagues forgot to disconnect from the server, the administrator will do it to permit another connection to be made.
  • FASTER RENEWAL. Multi-user license can be managed the agile way—transferring or renewal takes less time. It is much easier to update a server license for a single Enterprise dongle than doing it with every workstation that uses Oxygen Forensic® Detective (non-Enterprise version).
  • NO ADDITIONAL EXPENSES. No more expenses for occasionally used software. Oxygen Forensic® Detective Enterprise considers only workstations running a software instance at the moment. The Enterprise license is available for 5, 10, 20, and 50 concurrent connections.